Introducing the ProAdjuster

PROSPINE Chiropractic mixes tradition with technology. We offer one of the most exciting and advanced methods of practicing Chiropractic. In addition to traditional techniques that many patients are familiar with, we use the scientifically developed Pro Adjuster. The ProAdjuster uses NASA based technology to safely and effectively treat patients. It allows patients to get classic Chiropractic results without any turning or sudden movements of the head, neck or other parts of the spine.

To learn more please contact our Evansville, Wisconsin office to request additional information or to schedule a free spinal screening and Pro Adjuster demonstration.

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The ProAdjuster Process

Chiropractic Revolutionized! You no longer need to be twisted, bent, and popped to get Chiropractic relief.

Scan in Progress

SCAN - We begin the process with a scan of your current state. The ProAdjuster tool is run down your vertebra and the outcome of the wave reading is recorded graphically in the computer.

Analyzing the Spine

ANALYSIS - The ProAdjuster measures your spines motion and helps the Doctor focus on the most effective course of treatment. Your scan and post treatment reading are stored to track your progress and provide reports to your other medical providers.

Comfortable Adjustment

ADJUSTMENT - This is where we put the ahhh- in adjustment. The Proadjuster tool is used to gently tap the vertebra back into place rather than the old method of popping and cracking.

Communication is Key

INFORM - Just like any service, communication is the key to success. We spend a great deal of time listening and recording our patients progress. With the ProAdjuster system, we can graphically demonstrate where the adjustment takes place and how how those nerve symptoms could effect other health symptoms such as sinuses, and organ functions.

20 Minutes to Relief

FAST SERVICE - In the time it has taken you to get to this place on our website, you could have been scanned and adjusted. Our system, allows you to get in and out of our office quickly - you always have other things to do and we realize that. You will not need to wait long in our waiting room for your treatment.